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Joseph Babe Bentley
and Pearl Alice Willis

Joseph "Babe" Bentley b 25 Feb 1893 Letcher Co KY d Jan 1978 Firebrick, Greenup Co KY s/o Benjamin Bentley and Rebecca Holcomb.  Joseph "Babe" Bentley m. 1919 Vanceburg, Lewis Co KY to Pearl Alice Willis d/o Bill Willis. Children of Joseph "Babe" Bentley and Pearl Alice Willis;

1. Arthur Bentley b 6 Mar 1920 d Jul 1989 South Shore, Greenup Co KY m. Roberta Horsley. Children;

i. Bernice Bentley m. Edward Bradley

ii. Jerry Bentley m. 1st Lala Creary; m. 2nd Unknown Spencer

2. Audrey Mable Bentley b 20 Mar 1921 Garrison Lewis Co KY m. 14 Apr 1941 Portsmouth, Scioto Co OH to Carl Boggs s/o Lebern Boggs and Dovie Pack. Children of Audrey Mable Bentley and Carl Boggs;

i. Shirley Faye Boggs b 27 Apr 1942 Firebrick, Greenup Co KY

ii. Ira Carl "Bud" Boggs b 4 Nov 1943 Firebrick, Greenup Co KY d 14 Feb 1966 Vietnam.

iii. Sandra Kaye Boggs b 9 Dec 1945 Firebrick, Greenup Co KY

iv. Theda Darlene Boggs b 12 Jun 1948

v. Terry Lynn Boggs b 24 May 1956, Portsmouth, Scioto Co OH Smith Everett Hospital.

3. Hattie Bentley b 10 Jan 1923 Garrison Co KY m. 30 May 1941 Chillicothe OH to Charlie Holbrook. Children of Hattie Bentley and Charlie Holbrook;

i. Julia Ann Holbrook b 24 Jan 1942 m. 1st to Harlan Angel; m. 2nd to Kash Deaton.

ii. Charles Holbrook b 19 Dec 1943 m. Maggie Gibson

iii. Joseph E Holbrook b 2 Oct 1945 to Linda Armstrong

iv. Roger D Holbrook b 20 Jun 1951 m. Mary Litteral.

4. Ilene Bentley b 12 Feb 1925 d Oct 1997 South Shore, Greenup Co KY m. 15 Mar 1945 Greenup Co KY to Richard Conley. Children of Ilene Bentley and Richard Conley;

i. Arthur Dale Conley b 8 Jul 1946 m. Wanda McDowell

ii. Regena Conley b 31 Jul 1950 m. John Vernom

iii. Brenda Conley b 21 Jun 1953 m. Lanny Phillips

iv. Pamela Conley b 7 Jul 1957 m. Creighton Stephens

5. Violet Bentley b 16 Mar 1928 Garrison, Lewis Co KY m. 29 May 1944 Greenup, Greenup Co KY to Alfred Tinsley. Children of Violet Bentley and Alfred Tinsley;

i. Kenneth E Tinsley b 25 Sept 1946 m. Diane Stone

ii. Wesley A Tinsley b 7 Sept 1955 m. Josh Joclyn

iii. Joseph M Tinsley b 21 Aug 1957 m. Allison Pollard

6. Norman Bentley b 23 Sept 1930 Garrison, Lewis Co KY m. 29 Dec 1951 Vanceburg, Lewis Co KY to Joyce Blankenbeckley d/o Oscar Blankenbeckley. Children of Norman Bentley and Joyce Blankenbeckley;

i. Ricky W Bentley b 6 Feb 1953 m. Mary White Ginn

ii. Robin J Bentley b 18 Sept 1956 m. David Hudgeson

iii. Jennifer Bentley b 29 Jul 1964 m. James Sherer

iv. Christopher Bentley b 26 Nov 1973 m. 14 Apr 1995 to Tracy L Lawhon.

7. Joseph Bentley b 5 Oct 1934 Garrison, Lewis Co KY m. 14 Jan 1956 West Portsmouth, Scioto Co OH to Lois Jean Porter. Children of Joseph Bentley and Lois Jean Porter;

i. Teresa Ann Bentley b 21 Dec 1956 Portsmouth, Scioto Co OH

ii. Kathi Sue Bentley b 27 Jan 1960 Portsmouth, Scioto Co OH

8. Celo Norma Jean Bentley b 1938, Firebrick, Greenup Co KY m. 23 May 1953 to Ronald Clay Smith. Children of Celo Norma Jean Bentley and Ronald Clay Smith;

i. Ronald Gene Smith b 30 Jun 1955

ii. Robert Andrew Smith b 23 Jan 1960

iii. Donald Clay Smith b 23 Aug 1964

iv. Jerry Bentley Smith b 8 Jul 1972

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