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David Tyree and
Mary Ann Thomas

David Tyree b 2 Jun 1828 Scott Co VA d May 1910 Letcher Co KY; s/o David Tyree and Rachel Elizabeth Rogers. David Tyree m. 15 Jun 1846 Letcher Co KY to Mary Ann Thomas (aka Harriett Susan) b 6 Jun 1828 Indian Territory, Ashe Co NC d 12 Jul 1905 Crown, Letcher Co KY. (1850 Letcher Co KY Census). Children of David Tyree and Mary Ann Thomas;

1. William John Tyree b 13 Jun 1847 Letcher Co KY d 13 Mar 1931 Letcher Co KY m. 31 Mar 1869 (or 31 Jan 1867) KY to Zilphy Collins b 23 Oct 1845 Letcher Co KY d 27 May 1886 Letcher Co KY; buried Tyree Cemetery, Crown, Letcher Co KY. Children of William John Tyree and Zilphy Collins; i. John M Tyree b about 1869 KY ii. Rufus Tyree b 30 Apr 1872 Letcher Co KY iii. Joseph E Tyree b Jun 1873 Letcher Co KY iv. Charles Tyree b about 1876 KY v. Mary Jane Tyree b 24 Dec 1878 Letcher Co KY vi. Samuel Henry Tyree b 30 Apr 1880 KY vii. Garfield Tyree b about 1882 KY viii. W G Tyree b 1886

2. Greenberry Houston Tyree b 28 Feb 1850 Letcher Co KY d 6 Mar 1914; m. 9 Jun 1868 Boyd Co KY to Margaret Collins b 22 Feb 1843 NC d 20 Aug 1884. Children of Greenberry Houston Tyree and Margaret Collins; i. Amos Tyree b 21 Mar 1869 Letcher Co KY ii. Franklin Tyree b 29 Jan 1871 Letcher Co KY iii. Millard Tyree b 7 Nov 1872 Letcher Co KY

Greenberry Houston Tyree m. (2) Mary Hines

Greeyberry Houston Tyree m. 4 Jan 1898 to (3) Mary Lambert b about 1866 WV. Children of Greenberry Houston Tyree and Mary Lambert; i. Lee Tyree b about 1885 ii. Raymond Houston Tyree b 4 Jan 1898 WV

3. Sarah Tyree b about 1854 KY

4. Benjamin T Tyree b Apr 1856 KY d 1 Mar 1927 KY; m. Elizabeth Collins. Child of Benjamin T Tyree and Elizabeth Collins; i. Flora Tyree b 7 Mar 1789 KY

Benjamin T Tyree m. 16 Jun 1873 NC to Catherine Stidham b Jan 1848 NC or Jan 1853. Children of Benjamin T Tyree and Catherine Stidham; i. Mary Ann Tyree b 10 Mar 1874 KY ii. Margaret Tyree b about 1875 KY iii. Harvey Tyree b about 1877 KY iv. William Riley Tyree b 27 Dec 1881 KY v. Frances Tyree b about 1882 vi. Joseph P Tyree b Jun 1887 KY vii. Louis Tyree b Jun 1887 viii. Cora Tyree b Jul 1888 KY ix. Sarah F Tyree b Apr 1890 KY x. Arthur Tyree b May 1894 KY

5. Samuel C Tyree b 12 Nov 1858 KY d 15 Dec 1932 m. 23 Mar 1882 Martha Jane Adams b 13 Jun 1860 Letcher Co KY d 26 Sept 1940 Bell Co KY. Children of Samuel C Tyree and Martha Jane Adams; i. Ona Bertha Tyree b 12 Apr 1883 Letcher Co KY ii. Mertie Florence Tyree b 30 Sep 1884 Letcher Co KY iii. Chester P Tyree b 12 Oct 1887 Letcher Co KY iv. Stella Agnes Tyree b 28 Nov 1889 Letcher Co KY v. Willard Holt Tyree b 9 Dec 1891 Letcher Co KY vi. Vera Lily Tyree b 8 Aug 1894 Letcher Co KY vii. Lina Martha Tyree b 18 Dec 1900 Letcher Co KY

6. Margaret E Tyree b about 1860 KY

7. Lucinda Tyree b about 1863 KY d 1887 m. John M Hale b about 1863; occupation, Captain of the Salvation Army. Child of John M Hale and Lucinda Tyree; i. Etta Jane Hale b about 1887.

8. David Jesse Tyree b about 1866 KY d from falling off a scaffold; occupation, professional actor.

9. Rachel Ann Tyree b Sep 1872 Whitesburg, Letcher Co KY m. 18 Dec 1886 Letcher Co KY to Elihu Brown b Mar 1862 Letcher Co KY d 1945 KY. Children of Elihu Brown and Rachel Ann Tyree; i. Lermuel Brown b Feb 1888 KY ii. Cleveland Veron Brown b 9 Nov 1889 Whitesburg, Letcher Co KY iii. David Franklin Brown b Jan 1890 KY iv. Jesse Brown b Jun 1891 KY v. Lina Brown b Mar 1894 KY vi. David Brown b Jan 1895 KY vii. Francis Brown b Jul 1896 KY viii. Mary Brown b Oct 1898 KY ix. Linville R Brown b KY x. Blaine Brown b 1900 KY xi. Ted Brown b 1900 xii. Lenoard Brown b 1901 xiii. Amos Brown b 1902 KY xiv. Victor Brown xv. Monroe Brown b about 1907 xvi. Lenvil Brown xvii. Mattie Brown xviii. Henry Brown xix. Mc Clelland J Brown b 1 Oct 1914 Letcher Co KY

10. Alexander Tyree b Feb 1879 KY

11. Etta Tyree b Oct 1886 KY

12. Martha Jane Tyree

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