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Descendants of Jacob Blair


227. Royce Willard Blair

By Ken Blair

Royce Willard Blair was born on June 14th, 1879 in Dassel Meekur County, Minnesota. He was the son of George William Blair(born March 18, 1858, died July 9, 1934) and Mary Keys.
On July 8, 1902 he married Myrtle Ethele Hoisington in Camden, Washington.
They had eight children listed as follows;
Lawrence Blair b. 1903Ward Arlington Blair b. April 7, 1904
Ivan Blair b. October 13, 1906Ella Blair b. 1908
Zella May Blair b. April 10,1910Esther Rosella Blair b. December 6, 1912
Vern Guy Blair b. August 22, 1914Anna Madge Blair b. March 22, 1919
Most of this family still resides in the states and have been in contact to discuss Royce’s life in the US as well as in Canada.
Royce worked as a farmer and eventually lived in Spokane, Washington.
In 1925 Royce left the United States and moved to Canada. He rented land around Hazel Bluff and Eastburg, Alberta. Here he met Mildred Britcher, Mildred had come from England with her father and two sisters in 1920. On September 3, 1927 they had their first child, a boy - Aubrey John Blair(my father).Aubrey was born in Westlock, Alberta and grew up in Eastburg. Aubrey has two brothers, Jack William, born September 3, 1928 and Ronald James, born May 22, 1932 and two sisters Joyce Willa, born May 24, 1930 and Doris Mary, born January 31,1937.
Jack married Margaret McGillivray and lived mostly in British Columbia until recently moving to Westlock, Alberta. They have five children, all boys.
Joyce married Elden Irish in August, 1951. They have two sons and a daughter and live in Seattle, Washington.
Doris married Steve Morozewich and lives in Edmonton, Alberta. Her husband recently passed away, they had no children.
Ronald James was born in Westlock and later moved to the United States, he served in the US Marines and is now retired and living in North Carolina.
Royce died on April 22,1959 and is buried in Westlock, Alberta. He never returned to the States or mentioned his other family there.
Aubrey and his brothers and sisters lived in Shoal Creek, Alberta and attended school there. He then moved to Edmonton, where he worked for about a year. Aubrey then returned home to Shoal Creek to help his father on the family farm. He worked for other local farmers as well as having his own farm before marrying.
Aubrey married Audrey Mease in 1958 and they moved to Pibroch where they raised four children; Alfred Aubrey Blair, born February 16, 1959, Wade William Blair, born May 29, 1960, Shirley Debra Blair, born February 17, 1962 and myself, Kenneth James Blair, born October 18, 1963. Aubrey worked on and off for the Municipal District of Westlock for about 27 years and is now retired in Pibroch.
The population of Pibroch when we were children only numbered about 125. There was a General Store, a Gas Station and a Post Office but not much else. We did most of our business in Westlock, which was seven miles south.
Three of us attended school in Pibroch until the school was closed and then all, including myself went by bus seven miles to school in Westlock. Alfred was married for awhile and lives alone in Westlock. Wade lives in Alberta and is single.
Shirley is married to Joshua Parsons and resides in North Carolina. She has one daughter, Shantelle Angela, born September 27, 1982.
Shantelle recently gave birth to a daughter named Alexis Audrey Rose.
I am married and have lived in Seba Beach, Alberta for about 10 years with my wife, Susan and two children; Jennifer Marie, born June 7, 1984 and Gregory James Frederick, born November 16, 1991.
Susan’s parents are Frederick and Elsie Johanson. Her father is a retired Strip Miner.
My son, Gregory is the first person to carry on the Blair name since my birth as my other two brothers have no sons. We are situated about 50 miles from Edmonton, the capital of Alberta.

I work for Transalta Utilities, the largest power company in Alberta.

Compiled By Ken Blair
Unauthorized Copying Prohibited

Margaret Hazel Ann McGillvary

Glenwood Memorial Gardnes, Sherwood Park, Alberta

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