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James Wesley Branham
and Polly Ann Belcher

James Wesley Branham
James Wesley Branham
Polly Ann Belcher Branham
Polly Ann Belcher

James Wesley Branham b about 1834 Floyd Co KY d 1900, s/o William Branham and Charity Gibson. James Wesley Branham m. 21 Dec 1854 Mary Polly Belcher (aka Elizabeth) b 31 Dec 1837 d 1910, d/o John Wesley Belcher and Anna Moore. (Source). Children of James Wesley Branham and Mary Polly Belcher;

 Elizabeth Branham b 13 Jul 1856 Pike Co KY d 15 Apr 1908 Pike Co KY m. 8 Feb 1875 Pike Co KY to William Elkins b 12 Mar 1851 Pike Co KY d 21 Oct 1924 Pike Co KY.

 William J Branham b 22 Oct 1859 Wise Co VA m 23 Oct 1879 to Margaret Louisa Maggard b 1862 Scott Co VA, d/o Louisa Maggard. Children of William J Branham and Margaret Louisa Maggard;

John W Branham b 1886 d 1886,

Lafayette Branham b 1888

Dock Docey Branham b 1891

Harrison Branham b 1900

 Mahala Branham b 1860 Pike Co Ky m. 19 Jun 1879 Pike Co KY to Solomon Johnson b 1860 Pike Co KY, s/o Robert Johnson and Easter Branham.

 Louisa Branham b 1862 Pike Co KY m. 10 Jul 1879 Pike Co KY to Isaac Bartley b 1855 Russell Co VA. Children of Louisa Branham and Isaac Bartley;

 Hammon Bartley b 1881.

 Adam Bartley b 1884.

 Arson Bartley b 1892.

 Letta Bartley b 1893.

 Patton Bartley b 1896.

 Christley Bartley b 1898.

 Martha Bartley b 1900.

 Kas Bartley b 1902.

 Easter F Branham b 20 May 1864 Pike Co KY d 15 May 1939, m. 20 Apr 1883 Pike Co KY to Solomon Fleming b 10 Mar 1861 d 5 Aug 1925, s/o Frederick Fleming and Anna Stumbo (aka Stambaugh).

 Joseph Branham b 1867 Pike Co KY m. 9 Feb 1888 Pike Co KY to Hannah Johnson b 1872 Pike Co KY d/o Lorenzo Dow Johnson and Ellen Burke.

 James W Branham b 1870 Pike Co KY m. 12 Jan 1888 Pike Co KY to Lorine Johnson b 1874 d/o Lorenzo Dow Johnson and Ellen Burke.  Lorine Johnson m. 11 Nov 1893 Letcher Co KY to George W Stewart b Jun 1874 Pikeville, PIke Co KY, s/o Thomas "Tom" Stewart and Susannah "Susie" Fleming.

 Dulcena Branham b 1874 m. 23 May 1888 Pike Co KY to Solomon Mullins b 1869 Pike Co KY. Children of Dulcena Branham and Solomon Mullins;

 William J Mullins b 1890

 John Wess Mullins b 1893

 Millie Mullins b 1895

 Howard Mullins b 1897

 Arvid Mullins b 1899

 Turner Mullins b 1901

 Polly Ann Mullins b 1903

 Lee Mullins b 1905

 Florida Mullins b 1907

 Claude Mullins b 1908

 Hurley Mullins

 Troy Mullins

 Sarah A Branham b 1877 m. 22 Apr 1896 Pike Co KY to Spencer Mullins b 1836.

 Thomas Franklin Branham b 1879

 Turner Branham m. Elizabeth Dolly Fleming.

Thanks to J C Potter Jr for additions to this family.

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