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John Jack Combs
and Rebecca Combs

John Jack Combs Jr b about 1792 TN d 1857 Owsley Co KY; s/o John Soldier John Combs and Margaret Biddy Nantz. John Jack Combs m. 13 Dec 1813 Clay Co KY to Rebecca Combs; d/o Mason Mace Combs and Jane Jenny Richardson. Children of John Jack Combs Jr and Rebecca Combs;

I. Louisa Combs b 1812; m. 13 Sept 1836 Clay Co KY to John Burns b 1799. Children of John Burns and Louisa Combs;

1. John Burns b 1837

2. Obijiah Burns b 1838

3. Meredith Burns b 1843

4. Brice Burns b 1845 Owsley Co KY; m. 1904 Lee Co KY Ada L Smith b about 1861

5. Mary Burns b 1846 Owsley Co KY; m. Granville Combs b 1843 Owsley Co KY. Children of Granville Combs and Mary Burns;

i. Squire Combs b 1864 Owsley Co KY

ii. Eliza A Combs b 1866 Owsley Co KY

iii. Isabelle J Combs b 1867 Owsley Co KY

iv. Elizabeth R Combs b 1868 Owsley Co KY

II. Minerva Ip Combs; m. Henderson Sizemore

III. Cynthia Combs b 1819; m. 30 Mar 1837 Clay Co KY to Lacy Abner

IV. Martha Combs b 1823; m. 3 Mar 1843 Clay Co KY to Jesse Thomas b 1820

V. Meredith Combs b 1824; m. Esther Allen.

VI. Samuel Combs b 1828; m. Casandera Cassie Bishop. Children of Samuel Combs and Casandersa Cassie Bishop;

1. Mary A Combs b 1853

2. Emily Combs b Oct 1855 Owsley Co KY

3. Breckenridge Combs b 1857

4. Sally Combs b 1860

VII. John Black John Combs b 1835 Owsley Co KY; m. Rachel Baker b 1836 Owsley Co KY. Children of John Black John Combs and Rachel Baker;

1. Grant Combs; m. 1894 Knott Co KY to Belle Baker. Children of Grant Combs and Belle Baker;

i. McKinley Combs b 27 Jul 1895 Perry Co KY

ii. Dewey Combs b 24 May 1898 Perry Co KY

iii. Mary Combs b 3 Mar 1902 Perry Co KY

iv. Charles Wickley Combs b 16 Apr 1903 (not sure of this date) m. 1923 Clay Co KY to Fannie Allen

v. Grant Combs Jr b 15 Aug 1903 (not sure of this date)

vi. Emmalene Combs b 1908 Perry Co KY

vii. Joseph Combs b 1911 Perry Co KY

viii. James Hurst Combs b 17 Mar 1915 Perry Co KY; m. 1933 Perry Co KY to Lillie Thacker b about 1915

2. Crittenden Combs; m. Mary Ellen Helton b 1872. Children of Crittenden Combs and Mary Ellen Helton;

i. Sarah Combs b 1890

ii. Merida Combs b 1892

iii. Etta Combs b 1893

iv. Eva Combs b 1894

v. Ida Combs b 1897

vi. Steve Combs b 1899

vii. Henry Combs b 1902

3. Wade Combs; m. Easter Bishop

4. William M Combs; m. Rhoda Allen

5. General Combs; m. Mary Baker

John Jack Combs
and Elizabeth Hunt

John Jack Combs Jr b about 1792 TN d 1857 Owsley Co KY; s/o John Soldier John Combs and Margaret Biddy Nantz. John Jack Combs Jr m. 1837 to Elizabeth Hunt; d/o John Hunt.

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