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Preston Combs
and Nancy Stacy

Preston Combs b 1802 Perry Co KY d 7 Oct 1877 Breathitt Co KY; s/o Mason "Mace" Combs and Jane "Jenny" Richardson. Preston Combs m. Nancy Stacy, b 1805 Breathitt Co KY; d/o Benjamin Stacy and Barbara Ann Combs.   Child of Preston Combs and Nancy Stacy;

i. Joseph Combs b 1821; m. Delitha King b 1829 Children of Joseph Combs and Delitha King;

1. Calvin Combs b 1845

2. Wiley Combs b 1846

3. Rebecca Combs b 1850

4. Preston Combs b 1858

ii. Syra Combs b 1824; m. Polly Roberts b 1824. Children of Syra Combs and Polly Roberts;

1. Tarleton Combs b 1843

2. Jackson Combs b 1845

3. Jemima Combs b 1847

4. Ferind Combs b 1849

5. Joseph Combs b 1850

6. Celia Combs b 1853

7. Claiborn Combs b 1857

8. Syra Combs Jr b 1875; m. Bettie Barnett b 1882. Children of Syra Combs and Bettie Barnett;

I. Rachel Combs b 1897

II. John Combs b 1898

ii. Tarlton Combs b 1826; m. Jemima Spicer b 1827; d/o Sanuel Spicer & Jane Turner. Children of Tarlton Combs and Jemima Spicer;

1. Jane Combs b 1848; m. Samuel Gross b 1846; s/o Thomas Gross. Children of Samuel Gross and Jane Combs;

I. Granville Gross b 1867

II. Nancy Lou Gross b 1872; m. Jess Willis

III. Mary Gross b 1881

IV. Martha Gross b 1881

V. Emily Gross b 1884

VI. Wm Preston Gross b 1887

VII. John Henry Gross b 1889

VIII. Stella Gross b 1896

2. Samuel Combs b 1850; m. Sarah Jane Anderson b 1855; d/o Mack Anderson. Children of Samuel Combs and Sarah Jane Anderson;

I. Saphronia Combs b 1888

II. Troy Combs b 1890

III. Laurie Combs b 1892

IV. Bennie Combs b 1894

3. Nathan Combs b 24 Apr 1853 Breathitt Co KY

4. Roger Combs b 1855; m. Nancy Murrell b 1857; d/o Elijah Murrell & Charity Bowman. Children of Roger Combs and Nancy Murrell;

I. Elbert Combs b 1880

II. Talton Combs b 1890; m. Maggie ?? b 1889. Children of Talton Combs and Maggie Unknown; i. Roscoe Combs b 1914 ii. Lucy Combs b 1917 iii. May Combs b 1917 iv. Gracie Combs b 1919

III. Pryce Combs b 1896

5. Sally Ann Combs b 1859

Tarlton Combs m. about 1861 to (2) Martha McIntosh b 1836. Children of Tarlton Combs and Martha McIntosh;

6. Jemima Combs b 1862

7. Juliann Combs b 1867

8. Sira Combs b 1869

9. Mason Combs b 1872

10. Benjamin Combs b 1874

11. Leslie Combs b 1877

iv. Claiborn Combs b 1831; m. Gracie Mays b 1831; d/o Thomas Mays and Nancy Bicknell. Children of Claiborn Combs and Gracie Mays;

1. Nancy Combs b 1852

2. Seburn Combs b 1867

3. Louisa Combs b 1868

4. John Combs b 1870

v. Bonapart "Boney" Combs b 1835; m. Elizabeth "Betsy" Holland (Barnett?) b 1838 Leslie Co KY; d/o Richard Holland and Margaret Unknown. Children of Bonapart "Boney" Combs and Elizabeth "Betsy" Holland;

1. Ibba Combs b 1862

2. Cynthia Combs b 1864 Leslie Co KY d 5 Aug 1894 Clay Co KY; m. John Carter Helton b 1877 d 5 Aug 1894 Clay Co KY. (died on the same day?) Child of Cynthia Combs and John Carter Helton; I. Ellen Helton b 1894 Clay Co KY d 1969 Clay Co, KY.

3. Christine Combs b 1865

4. Lucinda Combs b 1866

5. Andrew Combs b 1867

6. Felix Combs b 1869

7. Preston "Press" Combs b 1870

8. Sally Combs b 1872

9. Richard Combs b 1874 Spring Creek, Leslie Co KY d 17 Oct 1927 Davenport, Lincoln Co OK m. 1903 to Serena Radford b 13 Jun 1871 Clay Co KY d/o Jesse Radford and Mary Jane Bolin. Children of Richard Combs and Serena Radford;

I. Luther Combs m. Vemon Hanlan

II. Hannah Combs; m. Theodore Roosevelt Hibbard b 17 Apr 1907 Fallsville, Newton Co Arkansas

III. Nancy Combs b 7 Sept 1910 Fallsville, Newton Co Arkansas; m. Vence Hanlan

IV. Alfred Combs b 18 Nov 1912, Fallsville, Newton Co Arkansas.

V. Jesse Combs b 10 Apr 1916

VI. Mary Combs

10. Alfred Combs b 1875

vi. Andrew Combs b 1838-1852

vii. Mason Combs b 1840

viii. Mason Combs b 1840

ix. Preston Combs b 1846

Preston Combs and
Sarah "Sallie" Unknown

Preston Combs b 1802 Perry Co KY d 7 Oct 1877 Breathitt Co KY; s/o Mason "Mace" Combs and Jane "Jenny" Richardson. Preston Combs m. (2) Sarah "Sallie" Unknown b 1828 KY d after 1880.

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