John Vint Hagens
and Jane Amburgey

John Vint Hagens b 1825 Perry Co KY d 1860 Crushed to death in mining accident; s/o John Penn Hagins and Lourana Polly. John Vint Hagens m. 25 Jul 1847 Letcher Co KY to Jane Jennie Amburgey b 11 Aug 1821 VA d 26 Nov 1912; buried Hays Cemetery, Hindman, Knott Co KY; d/o Ambrose Amburgey and Rebecca Francis. Children of John Vint Hagens and Jane Jennie Amburgey;

1. Linville Hagins b 11 Dec 1848 Perry Co KY d 15 Dec 1884 Hindman, Knott Co KY; murdered by Wash Craft, Kinky Haired Sam Wright, William S Wright/Luntz and Benjamin Jones. Linville Higgins m. 1869 Letcher Co KY to Amanda Wheatley. Child of Linville Hagins and Amanda Wheatley; i. Lucy Jane Hagins b 18 Aug 1870 KY d 20 Mar 1962 Montgomery Co KY; m. 8 Jun 1896 Dickenson Co VA to John Jesse Borx Amburgey b 8 Mar 1863 Letcher Co KY d 24 Sept 1904 KY; shot to death by cousin, Tandy Martin; buried Carr Fork Memorial Cemetery, Brinkley, Knott Co KY; s/o Wiley J Amburgey and Dianah Adams.

Linville Hagins m. 7 Oct 1877 Breathitt Co KY to France A Franky Caudill b 1852 KY; d/o Watson E Caudill and Elizabeth Betsy Branham Smith.

2. Lourana Hagins b abt 1853 KY; m. 23 Sept 1869 to Anderson Ant Moore b 20 Mar 1852 Floyd Co KY d 26 Feb 1903 Floyd Co KY; s/o Henderson Moore and Eliza Jane Moore. Children of Anderson Ant Moore and Lourana Hagins; i. Mary Elizabeth Moore b abt 1871 KY ii. William Henderson Moore b 1873 iii. Breckenridge Moore b 1875 KY iv. Eliza Jane Moore b 21 Mar 1877 Beaver Creek, KY v. John Ireland Moore b 1879 KY vi. Meldy Moore b 1881 vii. Melville Moore b 1883 viii. Anderson Moore b 1885 ix. Charles Moore b 13 Mar 1887 x. Chamilous K Moore b 6 Mar 1889 xi. Alexander Moore b 24 May 1891 xii. Grover Cleveland Moore b 19 Apr 1893 Mohamet IL

3. Melvina Hagins b abt 1859 KY; m. John Breeding b 1858 Letcher Co KY d 1880 Floyd Co KY; s/o Wesley Breeding and Jane Pritchett. Child of John Breeding and Melvina Hagins; i. Mary J Breeding b abt 1878 Floyd Co KY

4. Elizabeth Jane Hagins b abt 1856 KY; m. John Ashley Smith b 1853; s/o William Medford Smith and Martha Ashley.

Killing of Linville Hagins

"Claib" Jones James Claybourne "Claib" Jones, was born on February 14th, 1826 on Arnold Fork, a branch of Beaver Creek. He was the son of John and Rebecca (Arnold) Jones. Shortly after Claib was born the Jones family moved down Beaver about fifteen miles, to settle on another small creek. His father was the first man to live on this creek and gave it the name of Jones Fork. At that time the section known as Beaver Creek was sparsely settled, with only five other families living near them.

As with many other men of the time, Claib's occupation might have been lawman but his reputation was also that of feudist. The numerous incidents between Claib Jones and Devil John Wright resulted in disparity that last for decades. One of their conflicts began when Claib obtained warrants for the parties thought to have murdered Frank Salyer. The suspects were Talton Hall, ____ Bates and ____ Johnson. But Jones had difficulty getting the sheriff, or for that matter, any of the county officers, to execute the warrants. Finding no one else agreeable he went to his old friend Dick Vance, who readily agreed to get some men and attempt an arrest. Vance had a score to settle with Talton Hall, since he felt Hall had made an attempt to kill him.

Vance was at Federal Court in Catlettsburg, in Boyd County, Kentucky, over a matter of moonshining. He was staying at a hotel when he claimed he saw one of Halls men quietly enter the sleeping rooms, strike a match and examine the faces of the sleeping men. When he passed the bed where Vance was sleeping, he went back out. Vance, expecting trouble, had moved to another bed in different part of the building when three men, Talt Hall, Talt's brother Andy Hall and Uriah Bates returned. They picked up the man they thought was Vance and tossed him out a third story window to hit the brick pavement below, killing him instantly. The man tossed out the window proved to be John Adams of Letcher County. Adams had been arrested on a charge of violating a Federal law and was on his way to Louisville in handcuffs and leg shackles. Talton Hall was guarding the prisoner when the incident happened. The information Hall gave was that Adams had jumped from the window in an attempted escape.

Dick Vance was quick to retaliate for the attempt on his life. On his way home from Federal Court, he waylaid and shot Talt's brother Andrew Hall as Hall was climbing a fence carrying a bag of potatoes on his back. Linville Higgins and Andy Slone were also thought to be involved in the killing. Not long afterward Linville Higgins was murdered near the present site of Hindman in Knott County. Old Dave Hall, father of Talton Hall, had been considered as a suspect in the murder of Linville Higgins. However, Dave Hall, who was also the father of Andrew Hall, had no part in the killing, other than possibly relishing the death of one of the gang that had murdered his son.

Three men were indicted for the Higgins murder, one of which was positively identified as Wash Craft, of Letcher County. Two other suspects were Sam Wright and Benjamin Jones. Sam, known as "Kinky Haired Sam", was a son of Joel E. and Eliza Wright and brother of Devil John Wright. It was also mentioned that William S. Wright was implicated in this murder. William S. was a son of Sidney Wright and a cousin of Devil John.

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