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Descendants of John Jessee (Founding Father)


1. John Jessee (Founding Father)

Source: Tom Rudder[tomr@infostations.com]
Sent: Wednesday, June 09, 2004
John Jessee died between 1 Aug. and 7 Nov. 1815. RC Law Order Book5,p-234
indicates that he is alive on Aug. 1. Page 252 indicates that he isdeceased on Nov 7. 1815. So he died in the 3rd. quarter of that yesr.

John Jessee was a soldier living in Caswell County, NC, duringtheAmerican Revolution. He was listed as musician in Yarborough's10th Regiment, serving from April 1781-April 22, 1782, and is listedagain inPierce's Register as Revolutionary War soldier. Listed onroster of NC soldiers in NC by the NCDAR pg. 12 & 138. Also listed inthe DAR PatriotIndex, pg. 368 and referenced in National DAR RecordNumbers 360261,395105, 447302, 476641, 438437, 295105.

John Jessee and his father Henry owned about 600 acres of land on HicoCreek, in Caswell Co., NC. This was ostensibly near "Moravian Land"and supports the idea that the Jessees may have been part of theMoravian settlement of NC. Most of John and Frankey's family becameBaptists, and there were several generations of ministers in theBaptist tradition,indicating at least influence of theprotestant/baptist movement, ofwhich the Moravians were part.

This property is near Leasburg, NC, and the land records show thatJohnJessee obtained all of this land from the State of NC. He firstappears on the Caswell Co. tax records in 1777, implying he did notown land before that date. In 1779 he bought 450 acres in the area ofHico Creek,Caswell County, from the State, in 1785 he bought 526 acresfrom Isaac Brown, who had obtained it from the State. In all hebought 976 acres but sold a total of 1078 acres, or 102 acres more in1787. He may have received the additional land from Frankey Lea'sfamily, which may nothave been recorded. Caswell Co., NC records show13 Oct 1787-John Jessee sold to Barnett Lea both of Caswell Co. NC for100 pounds, 277 acres.Wit: George Lea and John McFarland.

THE CASWELL COUNTY, NORTH CAROLINA TAX LISTS, 1777, 1780, AND1784(Copyright 1990 by T.L.C. Genealogy, PO Box 403369, Miami Beach,FL33140-1369) provide , the fact that Henry and John Jessee (spelledvariously Jessey in 1777 on pg. 12, or Jesse in 1780 on pg. 35, andthe same in 1784 on pg. 67) are found together on the 1777 and 1780rolls,but Henry is missing in 1784. These tax lists also provideevidence ofseveral Lea families, one of which must be that of ourFrankey Lea.Lastly, this publication included a map of Caswell Co., NCin 1777,illustrating the area in which the Jessee and Lea familieslived, on Hico and Cobbs Creeks.

John Jessee relocated his family to Russell County, VA first settlingatBush's fort at Castlewood or in Upper District, Burke's Garden area.Hefirst appears on Russell Co. tax list in 1788, and then bought landinReeds Valley in 1790, near what is today the town of Lebanon, VA.John Jessee bought land on Cedar Creek from Thomas Price and Jane,wife, inRussell Co. on 25 Mar 1791.
He eventually established his large family on several pieces of landinReeds Valley on both sides of the headwaters of Beck's Branch andonCarr's Creek. Going north from Lebanon on Mill Creek (Carr's Creekwaslater named Mill Creek because of several mills there) towardCleveland,this land is about 1/2 mile north of Jessee's Mill near topof hill on right side.

Source: Russell Co. Deed Book 1, p. 133: This land was first grantedtoPrice 22 April, 1785. D.B. 1, p. 133. D.B. 8, p. 87, son ArcherJessee bought 118 acres from John Jessee, Sr.. D.B.8, p. 90, sonGeorge L.bought 82 acres from John Jessee, Sr.

Source: RC Deed Book 2, p. 483-485: 26 Mar 1798: Indenture betweenJohnJessee & Frances Jessee, his wife aned Wilson Vermillion (all ofRussellCo.)... L100...100 acres m/l.. on both sides of Cedar Creek thewaters ofClinch River.. being a part of a tract of Land granted toThomas Price ofsaid county.. by patent bearing date 22 Apr 1785 andBounded: ....nearthe mouth of Millstone branch... Sig. John Jesse,Frankey (X her mark)Jesse Acknowledged/Recorded 27 Mar1798...Frankey, his wife, beingprivily examined...

Dean C. Jessee of Salt Lake City provides evidence for JohnJessee'sbirth from what appears to be John Jessee's own Family Bible,last knownto be in the possession of Mrs. Ruth Jessee of Abingdon, VA.Deanindicates that his parents obtained copies of pages of the BiblefromRuth, many years ago. One value of the document is that the words,"Born1750 John Jessee his book" written on the first page, and verywell inhis own handwriting.

Source Dee Harding [mailto:deeharding@earthlink.net]
Sent: Friday, November 01, 2002 4:14 PM
RE: Bible Records
My information regarding the 'Jessee' bible is from mymother-in-law,Ninna B. Jessee Harding. (She was a sister of Ruth).She told me thatRuth did have the bible. Ruth is deceased but she hada son, Robert.There must be someone in Russell Co. that knows aboutRobert and whocurrently has the bible.

William Gilmore and Elizabeth his wife to John Jessee 24 Sept. 1794,200acres on both sides Carr's Creek, granted to Gilmore fromtheCommonwealth of Virginia by patent bearing date 16 August 1756.

According to tax records of Russell County, in 1798 John Jesseeownedtracts of 250 acres and 100 acres along with four slaves. By 1810heowned eight slaves, and later on, even more. (from Yates/Campbell,Volume2., by Betty Campbell Yates, June 1993).

The original John Jessee land was sold to Archer Jessee and GeorgeLeaJessee, by settlement of the John Jessee estate, and is dulyrecordedwith the names and signatures of all 15 of John Jessee'schildren. Allspelled their name with "ee" in this document. RussellCo. Will Book 2,p. 249, Nov. Term 1817. Settlement included "vouchersproduced: Note dueAbednego Kiser's estate, $3.28; 17 gls of whiskeyfiurnioshed for theSale, $1.50; Paid Andrew Cowan for crying the sale,$2.00, May 18, 1817.This is the single authoritive source identifyinghis 15 children andtheir spouses.

The Bransen Family later owned this land and the place was referred toasthe Bransen Place. For many years this land was owned and managed )bythe family of Katherine Smith, wife of Dr. Roy Smith, aveterinarian,whose wife is a descendant of the Counts family. In1994/95 it was soldto Mr. Jimmy Herndon of NC, whose parents live inHonaker.

Tom Rudder reports that a John Jesse is listed in the"VirginiaGenealogist", Vol. 15 under British Mercantile Claims1775-1803, pg. 287as follows.
"Debts due Dinwiddie Crawford & Company in their Upper MecklenburgCo.store- (this is in VA just 40 miles north of Orange/Caswell Co. NC)[p.37] John Jesse, L29.9.3, 1 Sept. 1772. Removed from this countybeforethe peace, insolvent." and again "[p. 54] John Jesse (taylor).L29.9.3.Never was able." This implies that John Jesse came fromMecklenburg Co.,VA to Caswell Co., NC between 1772 and 1777, when heshows up on CaswellCo. NC tax rolls.

Further evidence for a John Jesse(e) in Mecklenburg Co., VA comesfrom"Mecklenburg County, Virginia Deeds, 1765-1771" by T.L.CGenealogy, POBox 403369, Miami, FL 33140-1369, Call # 975.5645 R2M atFamily HistoryLibrary, Salt Lake City, UT. Page 353. Mar 12, 1770from Micaja Smithsonof Parish of St. James and M, to Mathew Burt, for200L, a certain tractof land...on the branches of Blue Stone Cr....Wit-John Jesse Jr. Page408. Feb 28, 1770 from Joel Parrish of DuplinCo., NC, to RichardRagsdale of M, for 43L, a certain tract of land....Wit-John Jesse....

From "Mecklenberg County, Virginia Deeds 1771-1776" Deed Book 3,Page230. Sep 9, 1771 from William Hunt of M, to Bazzle Wagstaff of M,for475L, 900 acres in M on Blue Stone Cr. .... Wit-John Jessee. Page237.Nov. 11, 1771 from Ruben Eastridge and Delphey, his wife, ofCharlotteCounty, to Griffen Smith of Amelia County, for 28L, a certaintract ofland in M on the branches of Bluestone Cr. .... Wit-JohnJesse.

The implied marriage date of John Jessee and Frankey Lea of 1775 isbasedon deduction from the Bible records for Archer Jessee, showinghim astheir second son, born in 1776. From this we also deduce thatJohnJessee Jr. was born about 1775, although we have nodefinitiveinformation for either assumption.

John Jessee died before Nov. 17, 1815, as this date is the date oftherecorded settlement of his estate, and not his actual deathdate.Source: Will Book 3, p. 169, Russell Co., VA. Heirs of JohnJessee allsigned a deed to Archer Jessee, 7 August 1827. This is theprinciplesource for recording all 15 of John and Frankey's children,and theirspouses. Source: D.B. 8, p. 87, Russell Co., VA.

"Because the Jessees were one of the earliest families to settleinRussell County, Virginia, and because the progenitor of thisRussellfamily had so many children, the descendants of the Jessees areextremelynumerous, with few people living in the County now who cannottrace theirancestry to the pioneer John Jessee, Sr. The Jessee familyplayed animportant role in the development of Russell County, servingin prominentplaces in the government, military, church, education, andcivicaffairs."

"A common thread that seems to dominate the Jessee family lies initstalent, its gregarious nature, and its high expectations of self.It wasnot surprising to learn that John Jessee, Sr. was a musician,sincemusical ability has abounded in many descendants of that man. Itwas notsurprising to learn that John Sr's sons and grandsons hadbeenpoliticians, since so many later Jessees have held numerouspoliticalpositions. Most people who are descended from the Jesseeclan seem tofeel a sense of pride in their ancestry.
" Betty Campbell Yates.

From research from the archives of the Virginia State LibraryinRichmond, some men of Russell, mostly residents of Moccasin,ReedsValley, Casltelwood, Clinch River, and Copper Creek, along with afewernumber from Elks Garden, had petitioned to form an educationalfacilityto be called amity Hall, on Dec.
9, 1813. On this list were names John Jessee, Charles Bickley,SamuelPorter, Archer and Archy Jessee, and many other names into whosefamiliesthe Jessees married. Betty Campbell Yates.

Source: "Yates/Campbell" Vol. 2, by Betty Campbell Yates, June 1993.

See also "Early Settlers of Lee County, Virginia" Roanoke PublicLibrary,p. 172.

Source: Dr. Joy Malone [drjoym@bellsouth.net]
Subject: Abstract of Caswell County Records
Sent: 2/19/01
It could be that George Lea was an Attorney and that is why he is onthedeeds, note on the deed # 106 George Lea signs for Isaac Brown asAtty.in (can't make out the word could be fact).

Caswell County, NC Will Books 1777-1814, (Abstracts by Katharine Kerr
Kendall, Index by Mary Frances Kerr Donaldson 1979) The 1784 Tax list-St Lawrence District lists John Jesse 631 Hico 1-0 & Moravian land.

Caswell County, NC., DB "A" p. 496 # 184, Dec 20, 1779 John Jessee
purchased 450 acres of land for the sum of fifty Shillings foreveryHundred acres. Signed by Richard Caswell Esq. our GovernorCaptainGeneral and Commander in Chief At Kingston. The twentieth dayof Decemberin this fourth year of our Independence and in the Year ofOur Lord OneThousand Seven Hundred Seventy Nine.( Certified copy onfile)

Caswell County, NC., DB "B" p. 31 John Jessee sold land for 50lbs of
proclamation money, 450 acres to John Hodge of Caswell Co. March4,1783. (copy on file)

Caswell County NC., DB "B" p. 468, State of NC #721 to HearndonHarrelson66 acres...adjacent to John Jessee's land. November 10,1784. (copy onfile)

Caswell County NC., DB "C" p. 106, Isaac Brown sold 526 acres toJohnJessee for 100 lbs. S. Hico Cr, adj. Richard Lea .... The deed issignedIsaac Brown by George Lea, Atty.in ____. July 19, 1785.(Certified copyon file)

Caswell County NC., DB "E" p. 200, John Jessee of Caswell CountytoBarnett Lea for 100 lbs., 277 acres on S. Hico ......Witness GeorgeLea,John McFarland, October 13, 1787. (Certified copy on file)

Caswell County NC., DB "E" p. 208, John Jessee of Caswell CountytoWilliam Warren of Halifax Co., VA for 100 Lbs., 75acres......WitnessGeorge Lea October 14, 1787. (Certified copy onfile)

Caswell County NC., DB "E" p. 209, John Jessee of Caswell CountytoWilliam Warren of Halifax Co., VA for 100 Lbs., 276acres......WitnessGeorge Lea October 15, 1787. (Certified copy onfile)

Source: Pioneer Recollections - Virginia
Priscilla Harding - August 24, 1942 - Carterton, Virginia (Page 167)

I am in my 93rd year, having been born in 1849. My parents wereAaronGose and his wife, Nancy Powell Dickenson Gose. May father'smother wasElizabeth Jessee.

I have heard that the first old Jessee to come to this section wasJohnJessee. He was my grandmother Gose's father and lived up abovehere inReeds Valley where Lihu Counts now lives. I have heard that hecut andsplit a hundred rails the day he was 100 years old. I don'tknow muchabout part of his children. The following were some of them:

John Jessee, Jr. lived about where his grandson, Ephriam Jessee,laterlived up the valley. He had three sons.

1. Joseph Jessee -
Lived at the Eph. Jessee place. He married Cynthia Smith (ofCastlewood,not related to Billy Smith of near Cleveland). Theirchildren were:Timothy, Tivis, Ephriam, Mary (married (Dr. __________Gilmer), Sylvesta(Married John Purcell), Eliza (married John Browningof Clintwood,Dickenson County), and Eunice (married Abel Smith ofBilly.

2. Jefferson Jessee
Married Nancy Counts and lived at the forks of the road on MeadeBranch -where the Caterton road crosses the valley road.

3. Armstrong Jessee
Lived here and there amoung his relatives mostly. He was wittybyimprovident. I don't think he ever married.

I don't know whether this John Jessee had any girls.

Elizabeth Jessee (my grandmother) grew up at the E. K. Counts placeandmarried George Gose. The son of Stephen and Barbara KetronGose.Stephen was a captain in the Revolutionary War. His wife'speople -Catron or Ketron - were from Holland. The Goses lived inLowerCastlewood. My grandfather, George Gose, was married twice. Thefirsttime to Elizabeth Jessee, and their children were: John, Aaron(myfather), Barbara (married Frank Habern), Annie (married Robert____Burk), Dicey (married Calab Osborn(e)), Mary married Jim Long),Eliza(married 1. David Gilmer; 2. __________ Stone), Frankie(marriedCharles Gilmer), Temperance (married Axley Gilmer), Elizabethmarried(_________ Alexander), and Cynthia (married __________Clinton). Hissecond wife was Elizabeth Cowan and their children wereCowan, Charles,Maryann (married John Chafin), Martha (Patsy) (marriedWilliam Leece) andNancy (died about 4 years).

David Jessee was a Baptist preacher, and his son, John Jessee, wasalso aBaptist preacher, who married a Candler and lived in LeeCounty,Virginia.

One of the Jessee girls (whose name I don't remember) marriedFlemingBurk and lived in the upper part of the county.

Lea Jessee lived up near George L. Jessee's (E. K. Counts) but movedwestearly.

Polly Jessee married Ab Kiser, and after his death at the fightat________ Creek, she married Jimmy Chafin. He had no children byher, butlater married and had children.

I never heard of Phillip Jessee.


My mother was Nancy Powell Dickenson, a daughter of Henry DickensonandElizabeth Bickley Dickenson. Grandmother Dickenson was a daughterofCharles Bickley, whose last wife was a Hatler. She was mymother'sgrandmother and was part french. They settled somewherebetween St. Pauland Castlewood.

Source: Dorothy Simpson [mailto:dsimpson52@tampabay.rr.com]
Sent: Thursday, November 02, 2006 8:27 PM
I was doing some research on the internet and came across your pageaboutone of your fore-fathers John Jessee. My mother's family was fromRussellCo. Va. and actually Thomas Price who sold John Jessee the 200acres in1791in Russell Co. Va was one of my long time ago kinfolk. Mygreat,great, great grandfather's named was Elisha Price. My great ,greatgrandmother was born in Willow Springs. She was born in 1850. ThePricesgo back pretty far. I have found records dating as far back as1772. Doyou happen to have any info on any of the Prices or have youseen thePrice's chapel or cemetery? Like the Jessee family there werequite agood number of them. they were mostly from the Willow Springsarea,Moccasin Territory. Thanks for any info you could share, I hopeto getthere one day, I live in Florida and am thinkin on goin on myvaca.Looking at the Topography map the Jessee and Price families livedveryclose.

Please, this information is not to be used for any commercial purpose. Please see the database disclaimer at http://www.jessee.org. Corrections of errors and additions of information are welcome. jim@jessee.org

Frances "Frankey" Lea (Founding Mother)

The parentage and birth of Frances/Frankey Lea or Lee is much disputedand her placement here is SPECULATION, as we do not have any positiveproof of her parentage

Conjecture and a good deal of family lore, indicates she is a kintoRobert E. Lee, the daughter of a Richard and Lillie Lee, born in1752.Still others indicate she was the sister to Richard LightfootLee. All of these are apparently incorrect, as there is no indicationof a Frances or Frankey Lee born at the right time to be our FrankeyLea, nor is there a record for the marriage of any Lee family daughterto a John Jessee.Based on the names of her children both Lea andGeorge Lea, I believe she spelled her name LEA.

One leading possibility is that she is the daughter of John Lea andWinneyfred, born in 1755. This was widely recorded in earlyresearch,principly by Col. Howard Gilmer Jessee, who is a prominentfamilygenealogist. Later research based on the recorded Will of JohnLea, 1803,castes doubt on this premise.

The 2006 Research of the Rev. Dr. Cynthia Forde speculates thatFrankeyis the daughter of George Lea, son of this William Lea, andLucyTolbert, born in 1761. That she is the grandaughter of thisWilliam Leaand Mary Barnett, not the daughter. It would mean she was14 when shemarried John at 25. I do not see the alignment of names andothercharacteristics to make this the leading candidate, but it mustbefurther researched. This would also differentiate Col. George Lea, Ihadspeculated to be a brother of Frankey who married Jeanette LoganDouglasand has a son William Archer Lea, from the George Lea RIN 5287,whomarried Lucy Tolbert, that Dr. Forde speculates are the realparents ofour Frankey Lea. The good news is that with all theseoverlapping namesand generation, they are all in the same Lea family,unless of course ourFrankey Lea isn't!

Tom Rudder asserts, and I concur, that our Founding Mother Frankey istheunrecorded daughter of William Lea of Cobbs Creek and wife Mary"Polly"Barnett, making her a brother of Col. George Lea [nowdisputed], or atleast a George Lea and several others who are wellrecorded in Caswell,Co., NC. Frankey's names for her children are mostconsistent with thisassumption, because most of the names she uses areonly found in thisbranch of the Lea family. John and Frankey nametheir children asfollows: John Jr., then Archer (possible her mother'smaiden name), thenWilliam after her father, Lea (after her own maidenname), David (sourceunknown), Boedicia (after an alleged sister, seebelow), Mary "Polly"(after her mother), Frances (after herself), Sarah(after her sister),James (after her brother), Elizabeth (after hersister?), Rebecca (sourceunknown), George Lea (after her brother whowas a prominent citizen andtended to many legal issues for John andFrankey in Caswell Co.), Martinand Jane (sources unknown).

I wonder how in the world V. Bales got the idea that the name"Archer"was actually "Archibald". She had not seen the many recordslisting the"Archer" name in the William and Mary Lea family. Not onehint that itcould have been "Archibald". When Kerr said "An Archerconnection comesto light in this branch of the Lea family. Some-wherea mother orgrandmother was nee Archer" she sure wasn't talking
about an "Archibald". When all the other family members used thethe"Archer" name not one has been called "Archibald" in the records. Iguessthis is how family legends get started.

According to Zella Detweiler, "George Lea witnesed the wedding ofaBoedicia Lea, I believe it is said to a McFarland, date I alsobelievewas 1776 or a year or so later. This very well could have beena sisterof our Frankey."

Frankey Lea is recorded in the 1830 Russell Co. Census as beingbetweenthe ages of 70 and 80, with one other living in her household.Severalfamily genealogy records indicate her birth as 1752, with nosource forthis information given.

Source: : Rachelle Jessee Ross [mailto:rachelle@redsuccess.com]
Sent: Wednesday, November 05, 2003 6:39 PM
Subject: Frances Lea Jessee
I too have been searching for the elusive Frances Lea Jesseewithfrustratingly little progress. I did want to send you a note thatwasgiven to me by my uncle Dean Jessee, with a source for Frankey'sbirth,death and marriage dates. The search goes on! I come through theline orArcher Samuel Jessee, Albert Browning, James Ogden, PhillipCornell, andDonald Boss Jessee, my father.

Maud Florance Harrelson, Lee Family History, typescript in possessionofDean C. Jessee, Salt Lake City, Utah. Gives birth and death datesas1755 and 1836 and marriage date, 1775.


The following is New Information as of 3/2006, and represents adifferentpedigree for Frankey Lea Jessee, although still within thesame Leafamilies of Caswell and Person Co, NC.

Source: Lea Family Ancestry by Raquel Lindaas, Heritage Consulting,SaltLake City, UT, for the Rev. Dr. Cynthia Forde, March 2006.

Dr. Cynthia Ford provided the following document, with the recordedLeaFamily informnation shown here. It extends, and changes andhopefullycorrects much previous information recorded, but alignsfamiliesdifferently, based on the latest research.

NOTE: Tom Rudder has refuted that Frankey is a daughter of George LeaandLucy Tolbert, and I concur (3/17/2006), but the pedigree here putsherein the Family of William and Mary Lea, with which Tom and I bothagree,and it extends both descendants and the pedigree of William Lea.

Ancestors of Frankey Lea

Generation No. 1

1. Frankey Lea, born 1761. She was the daughter of 2. George Leaand3. Lucy Tolbert. She may have married John Jessee

Generation No. 2

2. George Lea, born 16 Jan 1738/39; died 1825. He was the son of4.William Lea and 5. Mary Barnett. He married 3. Lucy Tolbert.
3. Lucy Tolbert, born 26 Jul 1739; died 1813.

Children of George Lea and Lucy Tolbert are:
i. Judith Lea
ii. Lettice Lea
iii. Green Lea, married Peggy Moffett.
1 iv. Frankey Lea, born 1761.
v. Sarah Geo Lea, born 10 Mar 1764; married Henry Black.
vi. Sarah Lea, born 10 Mar 1764; married Henry Black.
vii. Ransom Lea, born 1768; married Cathey Miles ?.
viii. Rhoda Lea, born 1771; married William Miles.
ix. Eunice Geo Lea, born 1771; married Nathaiel Deane.
x. Temple Lea, born 09 Nov 1773; died Bef. 22 Aug 1834; marriedNancyMoffett; died 17 Feb 1864 in Independence, Texas..

Generation No. 3

4. William Lea, born Abt. 1714; died Abt. 1762. He was the son of8.Capt. John Lea and 9. Ann Taylor. He married 5. Mary Barnett.
5. Mary Barnett

Children of William Lea and Mary Barnett are:
i. Zachariah Lea, died in Caswell County, NC; married Mary AnnLNU;born 1753.
ii. William Lea, died Abt. 1804 in South Hyco Creek, PersonCounty,North Carolina; married Francis White Abt. 1755; born Abt.1739.
iii. Barnett Lea, married Mourning Roan ?.
2 iv. George Lea, born 16 Jan 1738/39; died 1825; married LucyTolbert.
v. Sarah Lea, born 1741; married George Runnels.
vi. James Lea, born 1743; died 1816 in Caswell County, NC;marriedElizabeth (Major) Lea.
vii. Richard Lea, born Abt. 1745.
viii. John Lea, born 1749; married Peggy Saterfield.

Generation No. 4

8. Capt. John Lea, born Abt. 1677 in King and Queen County,Virginia;died Abt. 1729 in King and Queen County, Virginia.. He wasthe son of16. Col. William Leigh/Lea and 17. Mary Green. He married9. Ann TaylorAbt. 1698 in King and Queen County, Virginia..
9. Ann Taylor, born 12 Jan 1681/82; died Abt. 1731 in King andQueenCounty, Virginia.

Children of Capt. Lea and Ann Taylor are:
i. Daughter Lea, married John Key.
ii. Daughter Lea, married Robert Baylor.
iii. John Lea, born Abt. 1700; died 1727; married Ann Carter Abt.1720in Probably in King and Queen Co, Virginia; born Abt. 1703.
iv. Catherine Lea, born Abt. 1702; married (1) George Priddy;married(2) Richard Shackelford.
v. Elizabeth Lea, born Abt. 1709; married (1) Zachary Taylor;married(2) Swan Jones.
4 vi. William Lea, born Abt. 1714; died Abt. 1762; married MaryBarnett.
vii. James Lea, born Abt. 1716 in King and Queen County,Virginia.;died Aft. 1797 in Caswell County, North Carolina; marriedAnne Bankston;born Abt. 1726 in probably York County, Pennsylvania;died Aft. 1793 inGloucester Dist., Caswell County, North Carolina.

Generation No. 5

16. Col. William Leigh/Lea, born Abt. 1654 in Charles City,County,Virginia.; died Bef. 28 May 1703 in King and Queen County,Virginia.. Hewas the son of 32. Capt. William Lea and 33. CatherineAnne Ironmonger.He married 17. Mary Green Abt. 1675 in King and QueenCounty, Virginia..
17. Mary Green, born Abt. 1655 in Probably Virginia.; died Abt. 1703inProbably King and Queen County, Virginia.. She was the daughter of34.Charles Green and 35. Elizabeth Iverson.

Children of Col. Leigh/Lea and Mary Green are:
8 i. Capt. John Lea, born Abt. 1677 in King and Queen County,Virginia;died Abt. 1729 in King and Queen County, Virginia; marriedAnn TaylorAbt. 1698 in King and Queen County, Virginia..
ii. Elizabeth Lea, born Abt. 1679; married William Haines.
iii. Mary Lea, born Abt. 1679; married Valentine Ware; born Abt. 1670.
iv. Philadelphia Lea, born Abt. 1680; married William BallardAbt.1700.
v. William Leigh or Lea, born Abt. 1682 in St. Stephens Parish,NewKent County/ Essex County, Virginia.; died 10 Mar 1784 in ProbablyKingand Queen County, Virginia; married Frances Major Bef. 1705 inSt.Peter's Parish, New Kent County, Virginia; born 19 Nov 1688 in NewKentCounty, Virginia; died Bef. 1784 in Spotsylvania County, Virginia.

Generation No. 6

32. Capt. William Lea, born Abt. 1623 in Lea Hall, Cheshire,England;died Abt. 1663 in King and Queen, Virginia. He was the son of64.William Lea and 65. Mary Dawkes. He married 33. CatherineAnneIronmonger Abt. 1649 in New Kent, VA.
33. Catherine Anne Ironmonger, born Abt. 1632. She was the daughterof66. Samuel IRONMONGER and 67. Bridget Cordray.

Children of Capt. Lea and Catherine Ironmonger are:
i. James Leigh/Lea, born Abt. 1649 in Mattaponi River, King andQueen,VA.
ii. Francis Leigh/Lea, born Abt. 1651 in New Kent, VA.
iii. Allister Leigh/Lea, born Abt. 1652 in New Kent, VA.
16 iv. Col. William Leigh/Lea, born Abt. 1654 in Charles City,County,Virginia.; died Bef. 28 May 1703 in King and Queen County,Virginia;married Mary Green Abt. 1675 in King and Queen County,Virginia..

34. Charles Green, born Abt. 1629 in Charles City, County,Virginia..He married 35. Elizabeth Iverson Abt. 1654 in CharlesCounty, Virginia.
35. Elizabeth Iverson, born Abt. 1630 in Charles City,County,Virginia..

Child of Charles Green and Elizabeth Iverson is:
17 i. Mary Green, born Abt. 1655 in Probably Virginia.; died Abt.1703in Probably King and Queen County, Virginia; married Col.WilliamLeigh/Lea Abt. 1675 in King and Queen County, Virginia..

Generation No. 7

64. William Lea, born Abt. 1588 in Cheshire, England; died 22Mar1652/53 in James City, County, Virginia. He was the son of 128. ?Lea.He married 65. Mary Dawkes.
65. Mary Dawkes, born in England.

Children of William Lea and Mary Dawkes are:
i. James Lea, born Abt. 1620.
ii. Francis Lea, born Abt. 1620.
iii. Allister Lea, born Abt. 1620.
32 iv. Capt. William Lea, born Abt. 1623 in Lea Hall, Cheshire,England;died Abt. 1663 in King and Queen, Virginia; married CatherineAnneIronmonger Abt. 1649 in New Kent, VA.
v. Mary Lea, born Abt. 1625.

66. Samuel IRONMONGER, born Abt. 1607 in Donnington,Berkshire,England; died in Probably Virginia. He married 67. BridgetCordray.
67. Bridget Cordray, born Abt. 1604 in Chute, Wiltshire, England;diedin Probably Virginia.

Children of Samuel IRONMONGER and Bridget Cordray are:
33 i. Catherine Anne Ironmonger, born Abt. 1632; married Capt.WilliamLea Abt. 1649 in New Kent, VA (her name has been disputed; butanIronmonger historian tells me it is accurate.)
ii. Elizabeth Ironmonger, born Abt. 1636.
iii. Francis Ironmonger, born Abt. 1633 in Virginia.

Generation No. 8

128. ? Lea He was the son of 256. Nicholas Lea.

Child of ? Lea is:
64 i. William Lea, born Abt. 1588 in Cheshire, England; died 22Mar1652/53 in James City, County, Virginia; married Mary Dawkes.

Generation No. 9

256. Nicholas Lea

Child of Nicholas Lea is:
128 i. ? Lea.

Source: Francis at franinma@adelphia.net, forwarded to me by a donorwhowished to be kept anonymous.
Re;.Frankey Lea, wife of John jessee
Daughter of George and Lucy (Tolbert)
Son of William and Mary (Barnett)
Son of Capt/Maj John and Ann (taylor)
Son of Col Wm. and Mary (Green)
Son of Col Wm. and Catherine Anne (Ironmonger)*
Son of William (The Immigrant) and Mary (Dawkes)
Catherine Anne Ironmonger ca 1624-
daughter of Samuel and Bridgett (Corderoy) Ironmonger, Jr
son of Samuel and Anna (LAWSON) Ironmonger
son of William and Alice/Alyce (Davis/Davys) Ironmonger
The above information was given to me many years ago by Francisatfraninma@adelphia.net Please contact him directly formoreinformation/clarification.

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